Colorado Strip Club Causes Outrage For ‘Misogynistic’ Sign

I took this less as “We welcome rapists and misogynists” and more of “the idea of masculinity being toxic is stupid to begin, and we’re going to make fun of that” before even hearing what she had to say.

…Kind of how Trump supporters call THEMSELVES “deplorables” now. It’s just turning silly liberal insults on their head.

And let’s be real here… strip cubs count on a certain type of guy enjoying the…*ahem* finer things in life. Self-hating soy boys don’t drop big bucks at strip clubs. They’re too busy hating themselves for getting turned on.

I’m not saying you have to like strip clubs to be masculine… I’m saying non-masculine boy-men probably don’t like them either.


Unsurprisingly, a bunch of people jumped STRAIGHT to “we welcome rapists and misogynists.” Now they’re freaking out.


“They welcome violent, unemotional, sexually aggressive stereotypical men.”


That’s the whole attitude they’re mocking….

Oh boy. Really?

I’m sure all the “douchebags with anger issues” who didn’t go here before thought to themselves: WOW! I’M A TOXIC MALE! NOW I’LL GO!

The person who OWNS the club is a woman. Have you considered that not all women think masculinity is toxic, and that this is a joke?

(No. No they haven’t.)

And to top it off:

Wow. Good one.

What are the chances any of these people ever actually WENT to Shotgun Willie’s?

Now….I’m not arguing over the morality or immorality of a strip club. Not what this post is about. I personally feel that people should do whatever they want to do, and if that means run, work at, or attend a strip club, that’s totally on them. not my business.

The sign? I get it. It’s backlash to our current “We hate men, men are the problem.” culture.

That’s EXACTLY what she said.
According to this:

Deborah Dunafon, owner of Shotgun Willie’s strip club, told The Guardian that she thinks the coverage of sexual harassment scandals is overblown and that men in general are getting a bad rap.

She says she put up the sign because she thinks its a sentiment that needs to be said.

‘I think it’s horrible to accuse men of being toxic, because they’re not,’ she said. ‘Our business is men, and men are not toxic.’

Dunafon said the scandals have hit her hard as a married mother with a son and several grandsons.

‘I have a son, I have four grandsons, and I feel sorry for my grandsons because they’re all teenagers and I’m afraid for them. I’m wondering if they’re gonna have to make girls sign a contract before they can even go on a date,’ she said.

She said she didn’t put the sign up to get more customers.

‘I didn’t put that up because of marketing,’ she said. ‘I put it up because I’ve been watching what’s going on in our country as far as men are concerned and it’s infuriating.’

Who would have guessed I’d someday think a Colorado strip club owner is the voice of reason?


Source: Chicks On The Right

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