Clinton Taunts GOP Lawmakers For Dodging Town Halls

Clinton taunts GOP lawmakers for dodging town halls
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Hillary Clinton taunted Republicans on Twitter Wednesday for dodging town hall events amid the growing protests from liberal activists infuriated by President Trump’s agenda.

The former Democratic presidential nominee, who has kept a low profile since losing to Trump in the November election, linked to an editorial in the Kansas City Star called, “Cowardly members of Congress should show up and face the public at town hall meetings.”

Republican lawmakers have faced rising anger from liberal protesters upon returning home for district work. Democrats have challenged members in testy exchanges at town halls over GOP plans to repeal ObamaCare and the president’s actions cracking down on illegal immigration.

“No one likes to be scolded,” the editorial Clinton mentioned says. “No one wants to endure a public takedown. Politicians understandably flinch, knowing that someone could film an embarrassing exchange, itching for video that can go viral online. To be fair, Democrats hedged on town halls five years ago.

“But members of Congress signed up for this when they ran for office. They were elected to serve. And not just to adoring crowds, kissing cute babies and shaking the hands of veterans for touching photo ops. Representing the people means showing up, even when the exchange may not be among friends.”

Liberals have been uploading the exchanges online and posting videos of lawmakers escaping the protests out of back doors or into idling cars.

Some GOP lawmakers in swing districts have begun steering clear of the town hall gatherings altogether, opting instead for private roundtable discussions or virtual town hall events that can be streamed remotely.

Liberals believe they have a Tea Party-style movement on their hands but Republicans have been dismissive, claiming that the protests are being coordinated and paid for by big liberal groups and outside agitators in districts that Trump carried with ease.


Source: The Hill

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