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Top Dem Says Conyers Accusers ‘Not Credible’… Because They’re White by Robert Gehl

Because the women who are making allegations of sexual misconduct against Rep. John Conyers, they’re racists and aren’t to be believed.

That’s what South Carolina Rep. James Clyburn suggested when asked about his colleague, who is facing increasing pressure to step down amid the allegations.

The Michigan Democrat compared Conyers’ accusers to child murderer Susan Smith, who falsely claimed that a black man abducted her kids to throw the cops off the trail.

The allegation is that all the sexual misconduct claims are not credible because they came from white women.

Robert Draper, a writer for the New York Times, suggested on Wednesday that the allegations of sexual assault towards Rep. Conyers are not legitimate and they mirror those of Susan Smith’s, who first falsely claimed that a black man abducted her kids.

Draper tweeted, “Also at this morning’s House Democratic caucus: James Clyburn compared Conyers’ accusers to the child murderer Susan Smith, who initially claimed a black man had abducted her kids. Clyburn said, these are all white women who’ve made these charges against Conyers.”

Conyers has admitted to a $27,000 settlement – paid with taxpayer dollars – with a former staffer in 2015, but Conyers has denied any sexual harassment allegations.

When contacted, Clyburn’s office denied allegations that he used the Susan Smith metaphor, but Times writer said multiple sources told him that Clyburn made the reverence several times.

Still, Rep. Cedric Richmond, a Democrat from Louisiana and a member of the Congressional Black Caucus, tweeted that the story is inaccurate.

“This is not accurate. @Clyburn used the Smith example to illustrate the dangers of convicting people before getting all the facts. Although Smith killed her kids, she blamed an innocent person & a lot of people believed that innocent person was guilty,” he tweeted from the Black Caucus’ official account. “If the police hadn’t investigated, the wrong person would have gone to jail. This mischaracterization of what @clyburn said is nothing more than members changing the story because they want his leadership position.”

Draper responded, saying: “Correct. But with specific contextual reference to Conyers. Are you suggesting this was some detached academic discussion in which Conyers wasn’t brought up? Not credible & also not what the two attendees say.”

On Wednesday, Clyburn also suggested that Conyers should be held to a different standard when it comes to the possibility of resignation over allegations of sexual assault, saying that Conyers’ status as an elected member of Congress places him in a different category from media and entertainment figures who have had similar accusations leveled against them, Politico reports.

Clyburn (D-S.C.) was walking inside the Capitol with the Congressional Black Caucus chairman, Cedric Richmond (D-La.), when a reporter asked the two about public figures who have been recently accused of sexual misconduct and have promptly been fired or otherwise removed from their positions. Richmond replied that he would need to hear examples of such figures, prompting multiple reporters to offer the names of Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein and TV anchors Charlie Rose and Matt Lauer.

“Who elected them?” Clyburn replied as he and Richmond got into an elevator, whose doors closed before the South Carolina congressman could respond to a follow-up question. A video of the exchange was posted to Twitter by NBC News producer Alex Moe.

H/T: Breitbart

Source: The Federalist Papers

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