NFL Blackout – Time To Take A Stand #BlackOut

In 2016, San Francisco 49er quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, took a knee during the playing of the National Anthem at NFL games to bring awareness to the number of African-Americans that had been beaten or killed while unarmed by police agencies across the United States. Despite a 16 to 4 touchdown to interception ratio last year, he has been unable to find employment in the NFL.

The NFL has employed those convicted of sexual assault, domestic violence, animal abuse, drug abuse, and driving under the influence. A number of NFL owners have said the reason they will not employ him is because of negative fan reaction, or fear of offending various sponsors. A segment of their fan base has made it clear they will not patronize the NFL product if he is on the team. Thus far, team owners have capitulated, out of concern for backlash from a certain segment of the patrons, but they fear no such backlash from the Black community.

They have a full expectation that African-Americans will continue to patronize their product even though they have made it a point to silence and make an example of Kaepernick to deter any future protests. Kaepernick thus far is paying a steep price because he stood up for those of us who are non-celebrities, who would not be recognized when pulled over by police. It’s time for us to stand up.