Bill Maher Refers To Elizabeth Warren As “Pocahontas”

Bill Maher did what no one else has done yet. On his show, “Real Time with Bill Maher” on HBO he had Senator Elizabeth Warren on his program as a guest. Maher during his interview with her, kept drilling her on how some voters can be on the same page as her but yet still vote for Trump, why is that? He pointed out that they were “not with her”. Then he did the unspeakable, he addressed her as “pocahontas” in a teasing tone. It was very obvious that Warren was not amused. Maher tried to laugh it off in a teasing manner but Warren did not even acknowledge his remarks and instead continued to talk.

President Trump has been known to call Warren “Pocahontas” throughout his campaign and beyond. The question arises whether or not the term “Pocahontas” is racist. Is it? It seems as though President Trump was just personally teasing her and her claims. It’s doubtful that he was actually making a racist remark. Now, comments like this of course get him in trouble as we’ve seen and maybe he needs to tone it down so he can avoid being labeled as a “racist”.

Take a listen to Bill Maher calling Warren “Pocahontas”:

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