“Berniecrats” Start Organizing Resources After DNC Emails Show Voter Fraud In The Democratic Party,,,

Paul 7/30/16
I follow a good number of groups on Facebook pages and from time to time highlight them here,,, The “Berniecrat Network” is one such group attempting to organize and show the American people that there is another choice,,, 

crats Network

Candidates for public office who support Bernie

This website provides a complete* listing of individuals who endorse Bernie Sanders and are active candidates for a public office. These are people who will do all they can to support and promote Bernie’s progressive plans. As Bernie says .. he can’t do it alone! If we want real change we need to make sure there are enough progressive leaders in office to actually pass the legislation to make those changes happen.

Being a Berniecrat is not about party affiliation; it’s about the issues. Any candidate who publicly endorses Bernie (Twitter, Facebook, website) and supports his platform, qualifies for this list. You don’t have to agree with Bernie on everything, you just have to believe that he’s the right person for the job, and together we’ll get this country headed back in the right direction! To be added, Tweet me at @Bernie2016Yes.

Remember that this page only includes people running for office, people who need your support (financial and otherwise). For other endorsements and information, see:

If you’re looking for an easy way to support a number of Berniecrats in one fell swoop, you might consider using the BlueAmerica “Bernie Congress” donation page through ActBlue ..

Just as we’ve come out in YUUUGE numbers to support Bernie, we also need to support these candidates to make sure the right people are in office!

Each entry lists the candidate’s name and office along with additional information as available:

w campaign website
t Twitter
f Facebook
i endorsement info
m graphic meme (from @EndorseBernie!)

Incumbents are listed with the year they are up for election. This is a “work in progress” and will may change over time .. please report any errors or omissions by sending a Tweet to @Bernie2016Yes.

We’re collaborating with @EndorseBernie to add memes to the tweets for candidates. A yuuge thanks to @EndorseBernie for these great memes!

DISCLAIMER: At this point, there is no commonly agreed upon definition of a “Berniecrat.” We err on the side of inclusion vs. exclusion, and do our best to confirm that the candidates on this list do in fact support Bernie in some way. Some are more ardent supporters, while others may just lean in that direction. Before contributing to anyone, please check them out for yourself. If you see someone who is obviously not a Bernie supporter, please let us know!

Entries in boxes of this color were added/updated in the past week.

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