Bernie Sanders: The Rise of an Economic Illiterate in America – The Jason Stapleton Program

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Few men have been more successful at branding themselves an expert on a subject they know virtually NOTHING about than Senator Bernie Sanders. A devout socialist who spent the bulk of his early life making socialist propaganda while working odd jobs has managed to craft a national reputation as a cult icon and voice of the working class.
In reality, Bernie Sanders is a bumbling old man who has risen to the height of social influence and political power by convincing a poorly educated electorate that he is an expert on the economic problems and solutions that plague us today. He is nothing of the sort. His understanding of basic economics is elementary at best. He promotes a simple message:
  • The Rich are Evil
  • Corporations exploit their workers and pollute the environment to line their pockets.
  • Only the heavy, righteous hand of government can save the helpless citizenry from the failure of capitalism and the injustice it produces.
Last night Bernie was granted airtime once again by CNN to promote his nonsensical ideas. Ideas that, when tried throughout history, have resulted in more death, poverty, and suffering than any other political ideology on earth. You see, Bernie is a socialist plain and simple. He will try to cloak his true beliefs by using the term Democratic Socialism but what he desires is a government that controls every aspect of an economy. One that tells businesses what they can produce and in what supply, what they must pay their workers and what benefits they must offer. He believes capitalism is immoral and that workers should control the means of production through direct ownership or government protected unions.
These ideas are not only foolish they are dangerous. As I said, they have lead to the deaths of tens of millions and the unimaginable suffering of countless more.
Only liberty and free markets can raise people out of poverty by providing them the opportunity to make for themselves what they can. History has shown a nation that respects individual liberty and economic freedom produces more wealth and opportunity for more people than any other system devised by man. Bernie’s ideas are not new. The are old, failed ideas. Ideas receiving attention today because we have failed to teach our children their results in practice

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