It’s Plain, It’s Simple,, Main Stream Media just won’t ask a question that is not skewed to meet their desired views.

I have one question,, well two actually,, this question:

Why do only two party’s get to vote during the primaries.

I’m just sayin’ if it’s voting day and I’m an American over 18 I get to vote,,, Right?




That being said I started a unregistered, unscientific poll asking a my second question:

Of The Five Candidates Running For President, Who Rates The Best Chance Of Earning Your Vote?

The Five candidates are Bernie, Clinton, Trump, Johnson, Stein and “NOB,,, “None Of The Above”.

As of this posting It’s had 2,700 votes with Sanders at 86%, Stein at 8% Johnson, Trump and Clinton at 2%,,, Beating  NOTA,,,”None Of The Above” who is at 1%

Not scientific,, but just a common sense question.

So if you have a moment,, vote in my Poll,,, or not.

But whatever you do,, you better vote in November,, I’m not lookin’ for a “Community”, not a “Party”,,,

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