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Published on Mar 15, 2016

EDITOR: Matt @ Question Time…

Before Bernie Sanders ran for president in 2016, calling for nothing short of a political revolution;
Before becoming the longest-serving independent in US congressional history, the most liberal member of the US Senate, and the first Jewish presidential candidate to ever win a state primary;
Before he participated in the civil rights movement;
Before giving the world perhaps the worst rendition of Woody Guthrie’s This Land Is Your Land;
Before he sent shivers down the spines of Wall Street executives;
[I am Dangerous]

Bernie Sanders grew up in a Jewish family of modest means in Brooklyn, NY. As a kid, believe it or not he was really into sports. His elementary scho i ol basketball team won a borough championship and he was the captain of his high school track team.

In Rolling Stone, Matt Taibi called Bernie “the rarest of Washington animals, a completely honest person.”

And love him or hate him, he has fought for the same principals his entire life. As a young man at the University of Chicago, he was a member of several socialist organizations and was active in the Civil Rights Movement.

He participated in the march on Washington; lead the first civil rights sit-in in Chicago’s history; and was even arrested protesting against segregation.

What’s going on guys? I’m Matt Rubel, documenting the life Bernie Sanders prior to fame here for you on Before They Were Famous.

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EDITOR: Matt @ Question Time…








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