4 Essential Tips for Libertarian Students Attending College

There is no doubt that libertarian students have to overcome a lot of challenges for the four years that they spend in college.

If you’re a libertarian student, you will be misunderstood by your fellow students and your professors as well. You have to brace yourself for the critical eye of the college community so that you complete your studies with your pride and belief system intact.

One of the things you should bear in mind is that most of your classmates and professors are ignorant of your strong belief in independent thinking. Therefore, understanding their ignorance and empathizing with them will make it easier for you to cope with their attacks on your personality.

Here are some tips to make your college stay easier as a libertarian student.

Always Maintain your Calm during Arguments

College is a place where you will have to express yourself. Airing your opinions is part and parcel of college life. Most of the arguments advanced by your colleagues and even tutors will in most cases go against what you hold dear.

You will definitely defend your position. Learn to listen patiently to your opponent and prepare your rebuttals and arguments before hands. Learn your history and ancient philosophies such as those advanced by Socrates and Plato – in most cases they are in tandem with libertarian ideologies – and give them as evidence of your claims.

If you’re pursuing a master of law degree, this is a perfect opportunity for honing your oratory and persuasion skills. Don’t be afraid of expressing your disagreements on most issues that go against your beliefs, but do it respectfully.

If you are angry and rude, it will be almost impossible to communicate effectively and you’ll make a lot of enemies even if your arguments are credible.

Find fellow libertarians

There is strength in unity, especially in the face of all that opposition you’ll likely face from the college community. Find other libertarians like you and form a libertarian’s student organization.

This will make you stronger in your quest of informing your fellow students on how independent thinking is the best school-of-thought for mankind. Moreover, in a group you’re likely to be listened to more than if you took on the struggle single-handedly.

Consider Pursuing an Online Degree

If you find that you’re all alone, the chances of getting overwhelmed are enormous. You may as well consider getting an online degree instead. This will allow you to study at your own paces without having to deal with the social pressures of college. Pursuing an online degree in political science or an online master of laws is a perfect option for any libertarian student.

Let your Stand be known

Be proud of being a libertarian. Decorate your room with posters of great libertarians in history such as the famous actor Trey Parker and the novelist Isabel Paterson.

As a libertarian, you’ll be different from most of your fellow students and even tutors. You’re likely to be labeled and judged. Don’t let this get to you. Who knows, you may just end up winning a few of your colleagues who see the sense in what you preach and stand for.

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