3 Teams That Aced the NFL Draft

Cleveland Browns: The Browns seem to have finally learned their lesson after years of miserable draft failures. Just some that come to mind are QBs Brandon Weeden, Johnny Manziel, CB Justin Gilbert and RB Trent Richardson. We were concerned they would have another horrible draft by reaching for another QB, but the Browns took the safe route and got the best player in the draft in DE Myles Garrett with the number one overall pick. They then traded the 12th overall pick and moved back to the 25th and got an extremely versatile playmaker in Jabrill Peppers. Peppers played basically every position at Michigan, but will most likely be a hybrid LB or SS for the Browns. He is very instinctive and just a great football player that will improve their defense. Then they traded back up into the first round to grab raw but talented TE David Njoku, who will create mismatches over the middle. They also drafted QB DeShone Kizer in the second round, who could develop into a good pro if given time to sit. The Browns had a great draft, getting two defensive centerpieces to build around and not reaching for a QB.
San Francisco 49ers: The 49ers played the Chicago Bears so well its actually embarrassing. They sent out reports that they were very interested in QB Mitch Trubisky which forced the Bears to give up a lot to move up one spot, a first round pick along with two third and one fourth round pick to be exact. They then drafted the player they were going to draft anyway, DE Solomon Thomas who will terrorize QBs for many years. Then somehow, they got the steal of the draft in LB Reuben Foster who was my favorite player in the entire draft. Foster is extremely instinctive, sudden and violent, the three things you want in a mike LB. He was a top 5 talent but fell to 29th because of off-field concerns and a shoulder surgery. It was so frustrating to see our favorite player in this entire class continue falling in the first round. The 49ers realized what kind of talent Foster was and traded with Seattle back into the first round to snag him. Thomas and Foster will team up with stud LB Navarro Bowman to help rebuild the 49ers depleted defense. We love these picks and new GM John Lynch is off to a great start.
Cincinnati Bengals: Despite a desperate need in the secondary, the Bengals decided to add two fast, explosive playmakers to their offense that was hurting with WR A.J. Green injured last year. First they got WR John Ross, who might be the fastest man in the NFL as he ran the fastest 40 time in NFL Combine history at 4.22. Ross will be a great complement Green because he can take the top off a defense while Green is more of a possession receiver. In the second round, they took a major risk but we think it will pay off in a major way. RB Joe Mixon was in our  opinion the second best RB in this class behind Dalvin Cook, but he dropped because of a video that emerged of him punching a woman and breaking her jaw. Mixon served a year suspension at Oklahoma for the assault and everyone scouts talk to within the program say he has been nothing but a model citizen since the incident. Mixon was a top 15 talent, just imagine a faster, quicker Le’Veon Bell who is also great catching out of the backfield. The Bengals will get bad media publicity, but we think the move will pay off in a major way on the field.

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