2017 NFL Football Odds to Win the Division Projections

The NFL season is just around the bend, and it’s high-time to start making projections on the teams that can win each division.

Here’s are the NFL odds for the upcoming season to win the division:

2017 AFC East Projections

Patriots -1100
Dolphins +750
Bills    +1000
Jets     +6000

There’s no question about which team is the favorite to win the AFC East. After all, the Patriots have won this division for the past eight seasons and they’re practically set to win it for an eight time. In fact, the odds at most sportsbooks have them winning 12 games in the regular season and it’s hard to find any other team, in this division or the entire league, that stacks up to their dominance.

2017 AFC North Projections

Steelers -160
Ravens +250
Bengals +350
Browns +5000

This is arguably the toughest division in the AFC, with only Cleveland not making the cut for finishing above .500. The pick to win the division goes to the Steelers, who won it last year, and the Bengals and Ravens duking it out for second place. Pittsburgh faces the Browns in the final week of the regular season, while Baltimore hosts the Ravens, so this makes the race for the division title even more complicated if it goes down to the line.

2017 AFC South Projections

Colts   +200
Titans +200
Texans +185
Jaguars +600

Another tough division to make a call. All four teams will have to fight tooth and claw to win the title, but aren’t expected to win more than 9 games in the regular season, albeit a relatively easy schedule for each team.

2017 AFC West Projections

Raiders +145
Chiefs +200
Broncos +300
Chargers +375

The AFC South’s teams have among the easiest schedules of all teams overall, but it’s still going to be a close race between the Raiders and Chiefs to win the division and the Broncos and Chargers that are expected to stay hot in the hunt.

2017 NFC East Projections

Cowboys +140
Giants +200
Eagles +400
Redskins +450

Dallas is expected to be a repeat division winner, which would be a first ever since the Eagles did it between 2001 and 2004. But, the Giants, Eagles, and Redskins all have an equal shot at winning second place.

2017 NFC North Projections

Packers -275
Vikings +350
Lions  +600
Bears +4000

The Packers are the top team in the NFC and they’re also expected to win the North division title. They’ve got among the best offenses this year and are the favorites in each of its divisional games. Though they face a tough challenge against the Vikings’ top defense, their offense should be able to pull through.

2017 NFC South Projections

Falcons +155
Panthers +200
Saints +400
Buccaneers +275

There’s not a clear favorite in the NFC South. Though the Falcons won the division and the NFC last year, it’s still unclear if they’ve got the grit to win it once more. Carolina should have a better season than last year’s and New Orleans and Tampa Bay should stay in the thick of things all season.

2017 NFC West Projections

Seahawks -275
Cardinals +200
Rams +2500
49ers +4000

The Seahawks are the favorite to win the division, only threatened by the Cardinals. Don’t expect the Rams or 49ers to make a run for the division title, they’ll have another awful season.

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