2016 Race Now Has Transhumanist And Cyber Party Candidates,,,

I’ve got a new favorite candidate.


He is Zoltan Istvan of the transhumanist party. Why should you support him:
*He promises eternal life. Clinton will let you die. So will Sanders, Bush, and Trump. Granted that’d probably be a mercy in the lattermost case…
*He travels around in a bus shaped like a coffin. In an impressive fit of irony, the bus nearly died.
*He invented volcano boarding. Except unlike the other filthy casuals, he did it on properly active volcanoes.


For those who are not enthusiastic, there is yet another candidate, John McAfee of the Cyber party.

He is somewhat eccentric.
He may have also killed a man.

NOTE: McAfee Security does not protect you from McAfee.

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