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VEGAN NATION RADIO USA 91.3 FM. Airing every Friday 12:30pm~1:00pm ET on worldwide. Hosted by Marlene Narrow, WCUW Worcester, Massachusetts. October 6, 2017, interview with Lisa, Vegan activist, one of the counter-protesters injured at Charlottesville, VA on 8/12/17. The first Friday of every month, Vegan Nation features Alfee’s Vegan Parenting Tips by Alfee R. Westgroves. Archvied shows: Radio station index:
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Lisa, “I went down to Charlottesville because I believe that every Earthling has an inherent right to live free from Human exploitation and other avoidable harms. I am an Animal Rights activist and vegan. I also work with many activists who work on human issues and I have done solidarity actions before. I went down to Charlottesville as an animal rights activist acting in solidarity to fight against white supremacists. White Nationalists, Vanguard, white supremacists, kkk, nazis and other ignorant hate groups are terrorist groups no different from Isis.”

Please visit the Vegan Nation Facebook page/10.06.17 Lisa-Charlottesville photo & video posts, to view the videos of the car attack on the counter-protesters, in which Lisa was hit and injured. (The link to the Vegan Nation FB page is on the home page of this website Here is one of the videos (warning: graphic). Lisa (and her yellow sign “End speciesism, sexism, racism, anti-semitism, heterosexism, ableism, sizeism, etc.” can be seen at minute 4:22.

In this video, at :13 seconds into the video, the back of Lisa’s yellow sign ‘Stop ignorance, selfishness, violence, hatred…” can be seen.  This is significant because ignorance (uninformed/unaware) of the reciprocal consequences of humanity’s violence/slavery of other animals is at the root cause of humanity’s crises, millennia after millennia:


Vegan Nation with Marlene Narrow

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