YouTube Has Blacklisted Dozens of Educational Videos From Conservative PragerU

In the latest culture battle between YouTube and content providers, the site has listed 21 educational videos from PragerU under the “restricted mode” category, which is used for inappropriate and objectionable adult and sexual content.



PragerU is a popular YouTube channel created by conservative scholar and radio show host Dennis Prager. The channel claims to produce educational content that adheres to Judeo-Christian values and supports “the concepts of freedom of speech, a free press, free markets and a strong military to protect and project those values.”

“We’ve worked quietly behind the scenes for months to resolve this, but YouTube’s censorship continues, leaving us with no option but to go public,” Prager University announced on its Facebook page on Tuesday.

On its website, PragerU wrote: “There is no excuse for Google and YouTube censoring and restricting any PragerU videos, which are produced with the sole intent of educating people of all ages about America’s founding values.”

The channel filled an official complaint, but YouTube defended its decision to restrict the videos, saying: “We don’t censor anyone,” but added that they do “take into consideration what the intent of the video is” and “what the focus of the video is.”

Here’s a list all the 21 videos PragerU has requested YouTube to remove from restricted mode:

Are The Police Racist?
Why Don’t Feminists Fight for Muslim Women?
Why Did America Fight the Korean War?
Who’s More Pro-Choice: Europe or America?
What ISIS Wants
Why Are There Still Palestinian Refugees?
Are 1 in 5 Women Raped at College?
Islamic Terror: What Muslim Americans Can Do
Did Bush Lie About Iraq?
Who NOT to Vote For
Men and the Power of the Visual
Is America Racist?
Israel: The World’s Most Moral Army
Radical Islam: The Most Dangerous Ideology
The Most Important Question About Abortion
Why Do People Become Islamic Extremists?
Don’t Judge Blacks Differently
What is the University Diversity Scam?
He Wants You
Israel’s Legal Founding
Pakistan: Can Sharia and Freedom Coexist?

PragerU has launched a petition to overturn the decision, and so far has collected almost 20,000 signatures.


Over the last months, YouTube has been accused of blacklisting a growing number of videos. It recently began disabling ad revenue on some videos,  for reasons ranging from foul language to controversial politics. It also has created a reward system for people to report “inappropriate content.” The combination of those moves has left some people feeling like the platform no longer supports free speech.


Source: HeatStreet