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Published On: Fri, Nov 11th, 2016

Yet Another Journalist Calls For Trump’s Death,,,

The Telegraph’s train columnist Monisha Rajesh expressed a desire that Donald Trump be assassinated in a tweet Nov. 8.

A Financial Times writer Mark C.O’Flaherty tweeted at Rajesh, “I have no words…always wondered when a Nazi-scale atrocity would next arise. here it is…Here it is…”

Rajesh replied, “it’s about time for a presidential assassination.”



Rajesh subsequently made her account private, and so did O’Flaherty. Rajesh’s account has since been deleted. The Telegraph did not respond immediately to a press inquiry about whether it will fire Rajesh.


Rajesh is listed as a features writer for the Guardian. The Guardian told TheDC in a statement, “Monisha Rajesh is an infrequent freelance contributor, not a staff writer, and the Guardian cannot take responsibility for comments expressed by her in a personal capacity.”


About a week ago, the Los Angeles Times fired a reporter after he tweeted that he wishes Donald Trump were dead.

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