Massachusetts Yes on 4 Campaign Launches First TV Ad,,,

For Immediate Release
October 2, 2016

Contact: Jim Borghesani, Communications Director
617-833-9327, [email protected]

Merrimack College instructor and former Boston Police Lieutenant Tom Nolan featured in 30-second spot

BOSTON—The Yes on 4 Campaign on Monday, October 3 will begin airing a 30-second television advertisement featuring Merrimack College associate professor and former Boston Police Lieutenant Tom Nolan.

The ad features Nolan, program director of Merrimack’s criminology and criminal justice graduate program, standing in front of a residence and talking about Question 4, which would create a taxed commerce system under the control of state regulators and local authorities.

The full script and link to the ad is below.

“I was a Boston PD cop and now, as a professor, I believe Yes on 4 is a smart choice to protect families. Let me explain. Question 4 requires strict product labeling and childproof packaging and bans advertising directed at kids. And Question 4 bans consuming marijuana in public. It will tax and regulate marijuana for adults 21 and over, bringing millions in revenue for schools or law enforcement. Vote Yes on 4. Smart regulations, protecting families.”

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