Published On: Tue, Oct 18th, 2016

Yes on 4 Releases New TV Ad Featuring Dr. Susan Lucas

Watch and share our latest TV commercial featuring Dr. Susan Lucas, MD, who expresses why she is voting “Yes” on Question 4:

Doctors and patients shouldn’t fear that they are committing a crime by discussing marijuana as a treatment option.

Numerous scientific studies have shown that marijuana is an effective alternative to many prescription drugs, including opioids. See our “Facts” page for more information.

But our current laws make it difficult for patients to access marijuana for serious medical issues. Veterans and other advocates for medical marijuana patients have been part of our campaign from the very beginning. Many of them feel the current medical marijuana policy has too much red tape and creates unnecessary barriers to safe access.

There are only three weeks left until Election Day. Will you donate today so that more Massachusetts voters can see this TV ad?

We need to pass Question 4 to expand safe access for patients who need marijuana for serious medical reasons.