Why Kyle Kushman Swears By Veganic Cannabis Grow Methods

Veganics is a growing technique that uses no animal by-products. As the medical cannabis marketplace rapidly expands, veganic methods are gaining traction with growers concerned with healthier medicine. Many smokers swear it creates a much more flavorful flower.

Cannabis cultivator Kyle Kushman, winner of 13 Cannabis Cup titles for his Strawberry Cough strain, advocates growing veganic versus just organic. Here’s the main difference between the two: while veganic is still organic, by growing without any animal by-products (which organic fertilizers carry), veganic nutrients can result in cleaner, stronger, and more sustainably-grown medicine. Anyone, including myself, who has smoked the Strawberry Cough will testify it’s incredibly smooth and potent.

We spoke with Kushman to learn more about the benefits of growing veganic.

Kyle Kushman: It fell in my lap. I had a friend, Hippy Ray, and he and his girlfriend were vegans and they lived up in northern California. One day he said, “Canna came out with a bio line, it’s all vegan.” At the time, I didn’t care because I always made my own nutrients or combined things from across the spectrum. I didn’t really feel like I needed a new nutrient.

But I went and I tried the soil, this vegan soil, that didn’t contain any perlite or man-made components. I liked the soil so much that I ended up trying the nutrients. I was already an organic gardener and I spanned the whole gambit. I’ve grown just about every style, from aeroponic to hydroponic, from pebbles to dirt, from full synthetic to 50/50 synthetic.

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