Who Are Bernie Sanders’ Top Contributors? Active Duty Army, Navy, & Air Force, That’s Who

NATIONAL (VFB) – Military members are officially “Feeling the Bern.” According to recently released FEC filings, some of Bernie Sanders’ top contributors are employed by the United States Army, Navy (including the Marine Corps), and Air Force.

Bernie Sanders Top Contributors Military Army Navy Marines Air Force

These combined totals – $80,411 – put active duty military in the top contributing industries. This total does not include Veterans or Coast Guard, which would likely make past & present members of the Armed Forces THE top contributors of Bernie Sanders’ campaign.

In stark contrast, military members apparently do not support Bernie’s opponent, former first lady Hillary Clinton.  Not surprisingly, Clinton’s top contributors include the usual suspects—big money players, including bankers that paid her millions to give speeches, some who would stand to profit handsomely from perpetual warfare.

Bernie Sanders Top Contributors Military Army Navy Marines Air Force

The continued outpouring of Wall Street support for Hillary does little to convince voters that she’ll actually get tough with the financial institutions who caused our economic recession.  Nor does it do much to reassure the American people that she doesn’t have anything to hide in her paid Wall Street speech transcripts.

So while Hillary Clinton struggles to keep her Wall Street relationships cozy yet invisible to voters, military members and Veterans everywhere are lining up to support the only Commander-in-Chief that they trust to keep us out of unnecessary wars, and to properly care for Veterans when we return home: BERNIE SANDERS.


Tyson MankerTyson Manker is a former combat marine, attorney, college professor, and candidate for State’s Attorney in Morgan County Illinois. He serves as the National Director of Vets for Bernie. Follow him on Twitter @mankerlaw.

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