Published On: Mon, Jul 11th, 2016

Jeff Weaver on Sanders-Clinton Unity Event in N,,, Published on Jul 11, 2016


Published on Jul 11, 2016

@pplswar does not approve.

  • THE ROCKET’S RED FLARE OF TRUTH: July 10, 2016–A day to remember.l NEW YORK TIMES ARTICLE — God bless this Pulitzer Prize winning writer, Maureen Dowd. Notice the sad body language of pitiful Obama as he sits helplessly behind such darkness and deception as Hillary Clinton.His face says it all. I feel bad for him. Unfortunately, if Bernie Sanders casts his lot with Hillary Clinton, the revolution will go to Donald Trump. Nobody in USA or even worldwide is buying “yesterday’s mashed potatoes” .Bernie will have backed the wrong horse with Clinton, and all of the time, he was the winning ticket. We can all fail to meet our destiny.

  • She will say anything to get elected, but it doesn’t mean that she will do it!

    • D. Miller

      My concern exactly.

  • Lynnette Allen

    Bernie, as you probably know, Hillary flips on just about everything. Please don’t align with Hillary.

  • Would be nice to include a conversation about the election fraud lawsuits, and the pending investigations surrounding Clinton’s perjury to the FBI and racketeering of the Clinton Foundation. But we can discuss that in Philadelphia I guess.

  • I wonder how it feels to have to stand behind someone you know lost the election. He was very smart to not admit he knew.

    • There’s a big difference in losing the election and having it stolen from you.

  • Hey Jeff, do you need more lipstick to put on that pig? Sorry, none here. Now, about that Platform ban on fracking and the TPP…..

  • Lynda

    I will Never vote for Hill. I will leave the Democratic party if Bernie endorses Hillary, You wanted a revolution, you got it! DNC GFY!

  • I do not believe this, He was blinking his eyes too much to believe it was a truthful representation of what is to come.