Published On: Wed, Jul 13th, 2016

Of The Five Candidates Running For President, Who Rates The Best Chance Of Earning Your Vote?


This Poll Launched On June 27th at 4:17 pm EST. And Will Close Sometime In November.

  • I would rather have my toe nails pulled then vote for a felon, liar and in my opinion the worst person to ever run for office. Feeling entitled for a position doesnt earn people’s votes. Character and honesty does.

  • Dear DNC,
    We keep hearing. about all those bernie people switching to Hillary. Fact is most of us would rather get our toe nails pulled than vote for the most corrupt dishonest candidate ever to run for office.We have no choice not to vote for her. The thing you haven’t figure out is the choice is not ours to make but yours. You can choose to support the one who cant beat Trump or Bernie who can beat him by double digits. We will watch her numbers continue to drop while we await your decision. Have a wonderful day

  • I have yet to see a single poll that shows Hillary ahead of Bernie Sanders at all, or even a close second (or third).

    Wake up, DNC. This will not end well should you continue this charade.