Published On: Sat, Jun 25th, 2016

UNCOUNTED – The Story of the California Election (VIDEO)

In an extensive mini-documentary by Rogue Kite Productions and The Young Turks, we tell you the true story of what happened leading up to and after the California Democratic Primary. A Film by Michelle Antoinette Boley and Taylor Gill ‪#‎ShowMeTheBallots‬ ‪#‎CountOurVotes‬






  • The Democratic establishment has turned away from a progressive agenda and feel they do not need Bernie’s people to defeat Trump. It looks like the ‘super delegates’ are locked in greed or fear and not likely to support Bernie as the presidential candidate. Hillary and Trump both have very deep flaws and extremely low approval ratings. Hillary’s hands are steeped in the blood of the people of South America and the middle east and she has extensive legal problems and believability issues. Trump’s stupidity, egotism and bigotry make him an unsuitable candidate. I hope Bernie will realize that our only hope is with him! Please let him know that if he is not the Democratic nominee we need him to run as a third party candidate! That may be our only chance at real reform! We should not lose the momentum and enthusiasm of Bernie’s campaign while there is still a chance to avoid the disaster of a Trump or Clinton presidency!