Thom Yorke did a lot of scolding at the latest Radiohead concert

If you’re going to screw up something around Thom Yorke, try to make sure it’s not a Radiohead song.

At the band’s show at Roundhouse Theatre in London, a few things went wrong, and Yorke did not let it slide. Everything must be in its right place.

First, guitarist Jonny Greenwood screwed up during “Nude” and Yorke had no choice but to stop the song and make Greenwood think about what he’s done.

“We’ll do it again,” Yorke promised the audience. “Why not? You in a hurry?”

But then the audience themselves betrayed Yorke, getting a little to eager during “Paranoid Android” and sang the sinister “rain down” chant ahead of schedule.  Read more…

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