The Three Greatest NFL Coaches of All Time


3. Bill Walsh:
Walsh won three super bowls with the San Francisco 49ers and had a career record of 92-59-1 with a 10-4 postseason record. Walsh is most famous for his creation of the west coast offense, which relied on short timing routes that generate yards after the catch. He also utilized RBs out of the backfield catching passes like Roger Craig. Walsh coached Hall of Fame QB’s Joe Montana and Steve Young as well as perhaps the greatest WR in history in Jerry Rice. Walsh changed the philosophy of the game and won multiple super bowls but did it with Hall of Famers on both sides of the ball that stayed with San Francisco for years, that is why he is number three.
2. Bill Belichick:
Belichick has won four super bowls with the New England Patriots and his career record at the moment is 250 and 123. His Patriots are currently 7-2 and many people will say he is so successful because of QB Tom Brady. Brady is arguably the greatest QB of all-time, but Belichick has proven he can win without him. In 2008, Brady was injured in week 1 and placed on injured reserve, yet the Patriots still went 11-5 with QB Matt Cassel. Earlier this season, with Brady suspended for deflate gate, the Patriots went 3-1 without him. The amazing thing about Belichick is his ability to get the best out of players that no one else wanted or believed in. They have a lot of roster turnover and very few stars have played for him, yet he continues to find ways to consistently win.
1. Vince Lombardi:
The super bowl trophy is named after him, and for very good reason. In only nine seasons with the Green Bay Packers Lombardi went 89-29-4 and won 5 NFL championships including super bowls I and II. Lombardi also had a 9-1 post-season record. He coached Hall of Famers QB Bart Starr and RB Paul Hornung, which became stars with his run first scheme that involved option concepts. He is famous for his “Lombardi sweep” which was designed for Hornung and he described the execution of the play as “a seal here, a seal here and we run the play through the alley.” He ran this play and several others to perfection and it led him to multiple championships in only nine seasons. He is undoubtedly the greatest NFL coach of all-time with his record and his overall impact on the game. uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence algorithms to forecast nfl events and outcomes. Check it out!