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Published On: Fri, Sep 9th, 2016

The Greenfield Pokemon’ Police,,, HALT!!! Pok√©officer’s Are Elusive At The Fair,,,

This is straight from the Greenfield Police Departments Facebook page,, Now this is creative police community involvement:

Finding Copcards at the fair is like playing Pok√©mon Go. As you walk around the fair you need to hunt for the Pok√©officers holding the cards that you don’t have. Some of the Pok√©officers can be a little elusive and rare so keep a sharp eye out for them.

If you see a Pok√©officer walk over to him or her and ask to “capture” their card. Please do not “throw” a pok√©mon ball at them to capture them, the Pok√©officers might not appreciate having balls thrown at them all weekend. Remember, for safety’s sake, Pok√©Officers that are busy doing police actions and the officer crossing people at Wisdom Way are off limits.

A very popular Pokéstop is at our trailer near the front gate, often you may see the PokéOfficers come and go as they start and end their PokéShifts. The PokéCommander should always be there to great you!

If you were able to gather all the CopCards of the PokéOfficers that are working at that given time, the PokéCommander may have a special award for you! (as supplies last Рfor children under 12)




Head Up To The

Annual Franklin County Fair 

There’s A BOLO Out For These Guys,,,



Pokéofficer???? OK,,, we have to find a great graphic for that,,, Thank you Greenfield Police Department for a great community involvement idea,,,



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