The Facts on Marijuana and Driving

We are as concerned as our opponents about driving while intoxicated, no matter what the substance. But voters should know the facts. There have been no increases in OUI marijuana arrests or crashes in any marijuana-legal state. In fact, OUI marijuana arrests dropped in Colorado in 2015 compared to 2014, despite increased vigilance by hundreds of troopers with Drug Recognition Expert training.

While our opponents frequently cite a AAA report from Washington state, this study makes no claim that marijuana impairment has led to increased crashes. The blood tests used in the study found the presence of cannabinoids, but the presence of cannabinoids does not imply impairment. Cannabinoids can be detected in a person’s blood up to two weeks after consumption.

Furthermore, a thorough analysis by the Cata Institute of the impacts of marijuana laws in Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and Alaska concludes that there is no evidence to suggest that making marijuana legal for adults had any significant impact on traffic fatalities.

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