The Big Question… Can the NBA Unseat the NFL?


Could the NBA surpass the NFL in the future? While most people have been caught up in the furor of an inevitable Warriors VS Cavaliers showdown, especially with all the excitement emerging from NFL betting lines analysts, a select few individuals are choosing to look at the bigger picture.


Some of the biggest athletes in sports come from the NBA, and NBA fans are so enthusiastic and tech savvy that the game has exploded drastically across the various online platforms. Along with all the money that is being pumped into the NBA, one cannot help but wonder whether the league might one day catch up to and surpass the NFL.


The NFL might be the country’s most powerful league but it has been plagued with so many issues in recent years, this including criticisms over head injuries and the behavior of certain players outside the field.


NFL officials who were quick to brush some of these scandals off in previous years have gone silent in the wake of the NFL’s waning popularity. This most recent season has seen a definite dip in the quality of play, and the TV ratings have manifested the disinterest of fans.


In light of all these complications for the NFL, the NBA is very optimistic about its future and NBA officials believe that basketball could eventually unseat football as America’s favorite sport.


A shift has begun to happen in the hierarchy of American Sports. Sure, the NFL is still the dominant sport, but the fact that NBA decision-makers are actually contemplating the idea of competing with the NFL suggests that the NFL is on the way down.


Of course, this shift won’t happen overnight. The NBA is still trailing the NFL by quite a margin. The NFL’s expected $13 billion in revenue this year vastly exceeds the NBA’s expected $8 billion. And the NBA cannot ignore the fact that they are still trailing baseball when it comes to popularity.


Even when the NBA has delivered epic showdowns like Game 7 of the Finals (with Curry and James), more sports fans still chose to watch the Cincinnati Bengals game. The NFL has a perfect entertainment formula that has allowed them to dominate the Television arena.


Even with all the talk of an oversaturation of terrible football on TV, the NFL still rules.


The NBA cannot expect to organically take the top spot. They must take advantage of the NFL’s floundering popularity. Right now, basketball’s international appeal gives the NBA a revenue resource they are yet to take advantage of.


The NBA could become a global sport considering its popularity overseas, and NBA officials are clearly determined to push against the NFL because they have taken numerous steps to make basketball even more exciting to watch.


From resetting the shot clock to 14 seconds after an offensive rebound to replacing late-game timeouts, the NBA wants to make basketball the most thrilling and adrenaline pumping sport around.


And that is where the NFL is failing; their games, as of late, have been downright ugly. The right steps could help the NBA vault to the top; once all the deals in play today, especially the TV deals elapse, the NBA could challenge the NFL head on, especially if they have been positioned as the superior alternative to the game of football. uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence algorithms to forecast nfl events and outcomes. Check it out!

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