Published On: Wed, Nov 30th, 2016

Tell Mayor Walsh And The Boston City Council To Shut Down The Boston Police Department’s Social Media Spying Program

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I write as your constituent to urge you to use your power to make sure the Boston Police Department does not follow through with its stated plans to spend $1.4 million on social media spying software. Such a program would be a waste of money, would violate civil liberties, and wouldn’t keep us safe.The police commissioner has told the media that we don’t have a right to privacy in our tweets and Facebook posts because these are public. But that’s not right. The police shouldn’t be keeping tabs on any of us unless they have a good reason to suspect we are involved in serious criminal activity. A social media spying program like the one the BPD seeks is dragnet surveillance.

In a free society, police only monitor people suspected of crimes, not the entire population. The internet is the new public square, and a surveillance program like the one considered by BPD imperils our right to speak freely there.

The incoming president has already said things that suggest we are facing dire times for First Amendment rights. Please make sure Boston charts a different path.Don’t let the Boston Police Department chill our freedom of speech. Stop this program before it starts!