Survey: More Cannabis Consumers Seek Wellness, Not Intoxication

New research by a national marketing strategy firm has turned up some surprising findings about Gen X and Millennial cannabis consumers.

Researchers at New York-based Miner & Co. Studio recently took a deep dive into the background, opinions, and buying habits of cannabis consumers in their twenties and thirties who live in legal states. Their survey of 800 brand-aware consumers in Colorado, Washington State, and California found that 90 percent of them use cannabis as part of their wellness and self-care regimens. Only one in ten used cannabis purely for get high or stoned.

“When our researchers went out and about with [our surveyed consumers]we saw active, engaged, mindful consumers,” the firm’s president and founder, Robert Miner, told Leafly earlier this week. 84 percent hold full-time jobs. 65 percent make more than $75,000 a year. “For most of them it’s about enhancement, not intoxication.”

Here’s an infographic with some of their findings:

Click on image to enlarge. Source: Miner & Co. Studio
Click on image to enlarge. Source: Miner & Co. Studio

Miner’s firm typically works with national brands like HBO, Levi’s, Comedy Central, Barnes & Noble, Comcast, MTV, and BBC America. Their past work with cable networks led them to wonder about the media’s portrayal of cannabis consumption on television shows.

“The media portrayal of cannabis consumption seems to be locked into a retrograde Jeff Spicoli, Dazed and Confused profile,” Miner said.

So his firm surveyed 800 cannabis consumers, between ages 25 to 39, in legal states. They focused exclusively on consumers who said they purchased branded cannabis products. (The study wasn’t an exhaustive survey of the entire market.) read more at

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