Published On: Mon, Oct 26th, 2015

Support the movement for body cameras on Boston Police officers

I am writing to express my support for the revised body worn camera ordinance (BWC) currently being considered by the Government Operations Committee and supported by the Boston Police Camera Action Team (BPCAT).

I am a Boston resident, and I care deeply about the safety of my family, my community, and police officers who have the tough job of patrolling our neighborhoods and investigating crime. Body cams protect people on both sides of the badge.

BWCs have been proven to reduce both officer use of force and civilian complaints in multiple studies. Furthermore, of the top 25 most populous cities in the country, Boston is one of only four that does not have a BWC program already in existence or in the process of being implemented. As one of the primary innovation hubs in the country, Boston should be leading on this issue–not trailing behind the rest of the nation.

I know that Commissioner Evans has said he will adopt a BWC pilot program, but that’s not enough. A BWC program must reflect community concerns and include policies that address privacy and accountability or it could be counterproductive.

The BPCAT proposal does this. That’s why I’m counting on your leadership to move the ordinance forward. Let’s not wait until there is an officer involved shooting in Boston and the community is torn apart because no one knows what actually happened, as we have seen in other cities.

Please bring the BPCAT-supported ordinance to the floor of the City Council now, and vote in favor of it yourself.

Thank you for considering my concerns.