Super-Delegates Flip As Bernie Sanders Is Heading For Victory After New WikiLeaks Scandal

Unless you follow politics closely, you could be forgiven for thinking that Hillary Clinton has locked up the Democratic presidential nomination. This is not true. She still doesn’t have the requisite number of delegates. That could happen on July 25 when her lead in super-delegates puts her over the top at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia – when the super-delegates actually, you know, cast their actual votes. But as the things stand now she is starting to lose some of them as you can see below. It has all started in June when WikiLeaks reported that they will release 20,000 emails sent by top Democratic National Committee staffers where we can see that the democratic primary was rigged some superdelegates started to change their mind with more of them to announce that in Philadelphia !


Super-delegates are Democratic Party VIPs, including current officeholders, who can cast their vote for any candidate at the National Convention, regardless of how people voted in the primaries. They comprise about 15 percent of the total number of delegates the party offers in 2016.Here are some of the super-delegates that are actually abandoning Hillary’s ship!


This was posted on one of Bernie’s social media groups, is it true?She lost another Super-delegate in California on June 18th so if we can believe this then indeed Bernie Sanders is heading to victory!


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The media, however, doesn’t want you to know that Bernie Sanders is still in the race. And so, based on that flimsiest of measures – an opinion survey of superdelegates who are allowed to change their mind at any point before July’s DNC – they’ve called the Democratic race for Clinton.

The democratic primary was rigged and this was  officially confirmed  in the latest batch of DNC emails released by WikiLeaks this will change the opinion of many and after this report, it will change the opinion of the  superdelegates.On Friday, the whistleblowing website leaked approximately 20,000 emails that were allegedly sent by top Democratic National Committee staffers like chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz, national press secretary Mark Paustenbach, and communications director Luis Miranda. This data dump is “Part One” of a series from WikiLeaks they are calling the “Hillary Leaks,” and Guccifer 2.0 has taken credit for the hack behind this first set of emails from the DNC.

Bernie Sanders supporters won’t back her for sure DNC will not risk losing in November with Hillary if we see the latest polls. But given everything above i think we are in for thriller showdown on July 25. Share this if you think that the media want this article to be hidden and that Bernie Sanders will win the contested convention and vote in a poll below!


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