Starbucks releases two new iced beverages to keep you cool this summer

Starbucks thinks iced coffee has a big future, so the global coffee giant will add two new, innovative drinks to their “Cold Bar” menu this summer: the Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew and the Nitro Cold Brew.

Being one of those extremely rare coffee lovers who only enjoys their coffee cold and black, I was very eager to taste what’s in store for the future of iced coffee, so we visited Starbucks to check the drinks out.

At a spacious Starbucks on Spring Street in SoHo, we met Mackenzie Karr, a coffee education specialist. After I finished telling Karr that her job title would make her an extremely cool contestant on The Bachelor, she led us through our tasting and discussed the unique flavors, differences and crafts of the iced beverages.  Read more…

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