Sanders Leads In California Hand Counted Mail-Ins By 51.1%

In California on Election Day, Clinton led Sanders 56.8-43.2% in machine-counted mail-in ballots. Sanders leads in hand-counted mail-ins by 51.1-48.9% (391,012-374,839 votes).

As usual, votes were flipped on maliciously-coded voting machines and central tabulators. Nearly 15% of Sanders’ votes were flipped to Clinton.

Sanders hand-counted share exceeded his machine-counted share in EVERY county. The probability of this occurrence is absolute ZERO.


Poll workers claim that 50% to 90% of voters who were supposed to have been eligible to vote in the Democratic primary were told they would have to vote using provisional ballots.  There were two reasons for this:

1-previously registered voters’ names had been removed from the rolls.

2- Some were marked as vote by mail voters – but they had received no ballot in the mail.  Virtually all who were not  allowed to vote and forced to vote provisional ballots were Bernie Sanders supporters.

Poll workers in Los Angeles and Orange County report that Bernie won the electronic votes in their precincts by well over a 2 to 1 margin, the opposite of the vote count.  The contrast indicates vote-flipping.

If you add the lower figure of 50% of voters who were not allowed to vote regular ballots for Bernie to the votes he received, you wind up with a substantial Sanders landslide victory in California.  The primary beneficiary of the fraud is Hillary Clinton.



Election Justice USA is a voter advocacy non-profit organization which demands a hand audit of the early mail-in ballots.  It asserts that the Capitol Weekly early-voter exit poll conducted across the state of California yielded a 23 percent discrepancy in Los Angeles vote-by-mail ballots compared to the actual results. In Los Angeles area polling of the early round of mail-in voters, Hillary Clinton  lead over Bernie Sanders was less than 10 percent. 

 “The discrepancy cannot be easily explained by demographic factors: the results of the Capitol Weekly exit poll were weighted by age and race. Moreover, the exit poll had 21,000 respondents, and was praised–prior to election night–by mainstream elections journalists, including Nate Cohn of the New York Times. While no exit poll can prove fraud, a significant exit polling discrepancy such as this constitutes cause for alarm, especially one of this magnitude. It’s also sufficient cause for immediate action: voters should bring pressure to bear on officials and demand an expanded hand audit.”



As for provisional ballots, acclaimed BBC reporter, author and election fraud expert Greg Palast (pictured to the right) calls them “placebo ballots.”    Greg is the reporter who exposed the voter fraud in Florida in 2000.  Nightline used his footage in covering the story.

From the Greg Palast article: How California is being stolen from Sanders right now“As I’ve previously reported, provisional ballots are “placebo” ballots that let you feel like you’ve voted, but you haven’t. Provisional ballots are generally discarded.”

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