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Published On: Wed, Oct 26th, 2016

“Pro-Choice” – Hillary Clinton,,,

I have to ask,,, How do they stand on Abortion,,, Are they “Pro-Choice”???

“Pro-Choice” seems to be a great way to get the women’s vote,,, and I’m “Pro-Choice”,,,

But it seems to me that someone who is “Pro-Choice” believes that a 16 year old has the intelligence to make a decision on an invasive procedure that could result in death, yet a 21 year old,,,

or for that matter,, in my case,,

A 58 year old person does not have the right to make a choice on Marijuana,,,

Their answer on the question about “Pro-Choice” tells me who’s pocket they are in or how ignorant they are about Marijuana and how it affects people TODAY,,,


They are either “Pro-Choice” in my mind,, or just trying to get women to vote for them,,,



How Does Hillary Feel About Marijuana???

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