Local Cemetery Attempts To Ban Pokémon Go Players,,,


Summit County

Carly Flynn Morgan, WKYC-TV

Rose Hill Cemetery posts signs for Pokémon Go players

FAIRLAWN, OHIO – Rose Hill Cemetery is a hot spot for PokéStops.

We originally brought you this story one week ago, showing you real-life crypts and memorials where Pokémon Go players rack up virtual tools for the game.

We introduced you to a grieving mother, pleading with people to play somewhere else.

On Friday, the cemetery put up signs reading, “Pokémon Go Players: Please respect our grounds and do not play here!”


There’s a sign at the main entrance and several throughout the property.

When we visited the cemetery, we still found carloads of people with their faces in their phones. It seemed they genuinely didn’t see the new signs.

We spoke with a few people about playing a game like this in a cemetery.

Kevin and Edith Davis said they enjoy visiting the beautiful cemetery and looking at the unique gravestones. They try not to be loud or intruding.

Matthew Knox comes to Rose Hill to collect Pokéballs. He says the new rule amounts to discrimination.

“What about anyone else that’s coming through here doing anything? I see joggers coming through. I see people walking their babies that aren’t visiting a tombstone or anything,” said Knox.

The cemetery is open with no gates or fencing. We didn’t see any posted hours, private property or no trespassing signs.

Once we pointed out the Pokémon Go signs to the Davis family, they said they’d avoid the area. But Knox doesn’t think that’s fair.

“It’s public. There’s no reason we can’t come here,” he said.

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We left a message for the cemetery’s general manager. We wanted to ask him if they plan to prosecute people for playing the game there or if they even have legal grounds to do so. We’re still waiting for him to return our call.

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