Published On: Thu, Nov 10th, 2016

#NotMyPresident: Across America Protesters March Against Donald Trump

#NotMyPresident: Across America Protesters March Against Donald Trump

Susanne Posel ,Chief Editor Occupy Corporatism | Media Spokesperson, HealthMax Group

The #NotMyPresident protest movement is gaining ground across America as thousands are gathering to take to the streets in demonstrations against president election Donald Trump in cities like Philadelphia, Boston, New Orleans, Miami, Kansas City, Portland, Richmond.

Holding signs that speak out against racism and bigotry young and old alike stood against Trump outside his newly built Washington, DC Trump International Hotel.

As one protester put it: “I’ve got to do something, even if that’s just show the rest of the world that there are Americans who aren’t OK with this.”

Across the country, Seattle protesters took to the downtown area by the thousands, holding signs that said “Fight Racism”, “Respect All Women” and “Not My President”.

In Los Angeles, protesters burned an effigy of Trump. According to local media: “Flames lit up the night sky in California cities Wednesday as thousands of protesters burned a giant papier-mache Trump head in Los Angeles … Los Angeles demonstrators also beat a Trump piñata and sprayed the Los Angeles Times building and news vans with anti-Trump profanity. One protester outside LA City Hall read a sign that simply said ‘this is very bad’.”

Protesters set a dumpster fire in Oakland.




High school students in Arizona staged a walkout in protest of Trump. One student of Central High School in Phoenix said: “Most of us are immigrants, and our families and our relatives are immigrants. We don’t know what is going to happen later on, and we are really scared.”

Other students expressed anger toward those who did not vote, and called the new president a liar: “Nothing that he says is true. About immigrants, it is not true. He insults people that have disabilities, that is really disrespectful. I don’t know how the U.S. wanted to vote for Trump for four years.”

In California at Berkeley High School hundreds of students walked out of their classes. One student with a megaphone told the gathering crowd: “The protests are warranted and they’re going to be a good thing. Please, let’s just have a conversation right now.”

Susanne Posel

Susanne Posel

Chief Editor | Investigative Journalist