Nothing to see here, just the Queen with a lizard tongue original — and totally innocuous — photo that sparked a Photoshop battle.


LONDON — If there’s one thing you’ve never asked to see, it’s Queen Elizabeth II with a lizard tongue. 

You can now add this unfortunate sight to the list of things you will never be able to unsee. 

A seemingly innocuous photo from the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee concert in 2012 has resurfaced, sparking the unlikeliest Photoshop battle on Reddit. 

Image: imgur / Some_Crazy_Indian

The image shows Jimmy Carr and Peter Kay — who is dressed as a Yeoman Warder — standing beside the Queen. The original image in itself is a sight to behold, but Reddit users had other ideas…

Carr’s smart suit and tie got a complete overhaul… 

Image: imgur

And, Peter Kay also got his own make-over. Along with every single person in the shot… 

Image: imgur

Then came the inevitable face-swapping….

Image: imgur

Um. No. 

And finally, the most horrifying Photoshop of all time.

Image: imgur


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