Norwegian Ruling Party Just Voted To Ban Circumcision


A political party in Norway has voted to ban the ritual circumcision of boys under the age of 16 and several other measures which have been blasted as an attack on minorities.
In its national annual conference over the weekend, the anti-immigrant and libertarian Progress Party (FrP) voted to also ban hijabs in public schools, as well as forbidding the religious ritual of circumcision for young men.
Advocates claimed that circumcision resulted in mental and physical harm to children and was a serious violation of human rights.
Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg heads a coalition between the Conservatives and the Progress Party, which is the third largest party in the country with 29 of the 169 seats in parliament.
The party leader, Siv Jensen, told the Aftenposten newspaper that she was against forbidding circumcision.
The reportedly last-minute and chaotic voting schedule meant that the proposed compromise – banning state funding for circumcision – failed.
Ms Jensen insisted the move was not designed to target minorities …

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