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Published On: Wed, Sep 14th, 2016

Keeping Up With Niki Luparelli and the Gold Diggers, The Baddest Old Hollywood Jazz Cabaret Band around!

But can you get them to sit still,,,,


  • From James Bond to Bowie and everything swanky in between.
  • Bio

    Press Quotes and things Celebrities have actually said to Niki Luparelli

    “Something mixed between Marilyn Monroe, Betty Boop, and Kathy Griffin”- Scene Reports

    “Incomparable Chanteuse Extraordinaire”- Telegram.com

    “Short of having Frank Sinatra himself walk out onstage I couldn’t have asked for a more 1950s-era Vegas night out. – The Noise Magazine, Boston

    “By the end of the night, Luparelli had pulled two pairs of maracas out of her cleavage; her corset must be like the Tardis.”- the Boston Phoenix

    “Wow, you smell really good.” Davy Jones, the Monkees, RIP

    “You’re $%^&*@ hilarious.” Steven Wright, comedian

    “If you run for mayor, if I’m still alive, I’ll campaign for you.” Former Providence Mayor Buddy Cianci



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