NFL/NIKE Color Rush Uniforms Unveiled

What is the NFL Color Rush Program? That is the question some football fans have been asking since the program was introduced last season. Developed in partnership with Nike, the program is very aesthetic in nature and does little to impact NFL picks against the Spread.

According to the NFL and Nike, the program is designed to provide football teams a means of honoring each franchise. Additionally, fans are given an opportunity to engage with their favorite teams. And that isn’t even mentioning the manner in which the program is changing Thursday Nights, adding a glamor that it has never had.

As part of the color rush scheme, every team receives a unique full-color look that they adopt head-to-toe. The Color Rush Uniforms are typically designed with the team’s history in mind, the people involved creating a look that best encapsulates their past and present.

It takes a lot of innovative energy, that much cannot be denied. And if the program succeeds in the same manner that the NFL expects this time round, it will not only make Thursday Night Football a tad bit more interesting but also impact the tone of games in the future.

The NFL and Nike finally brought the Color Rush Uniforms for all the teams in the NFL to light today; if all goes according to plan, then an estimated fifteen Thursday Night Football games will feature these uniforms this season.

The NFL has had to make changes in reaction to some unexpected complications, chief amongst which are those situations where two different teams might end up wearing the same Color Rush Uniforms in the same game.

The Falcons are one such example. The team has a game against Tampa Bay in November, and they were supposed to wear all-red head-to-toe outfits during the clash. However, in doing so, they would have clashed with Tampa Bay’s own all-red uniform. As such, the Falcons will be expected to change their look to a white uniform, seeing as they are the visiting team.

The Buccaneers get to enjoy the glamor that their all-red look adds to them in the game.

The Falcons are not the only team that will stand out in this manner this season. There are eight teams in total that won’t be able to fully participate in the Color Rush program because of clashing uniform colors.

Luckily for Atlanta fans, the league has no intention of doing away with the Color Rush program anytime soon; so future seasons will give the Falcons an opportunity to wear their official Color Rush Uniforms.

For people who are a little skeptical about this whole Scheme, all the proceeds from the sale of Color Rush jerseys are injected into the NFL Foundation which is a non-profit entity through which the 32 clubs of the league provide support to football related youth programs.

This includes replacing old high school football equipment and refurbishing fields that were decimated as a result of floods in Louisiana. If color blind fans are still worried about what happened with the Jets and Bills last season, the NFL has taken steps to avoid the color combination in 2015 that made it impossible for colorblind individuals to tell the two teams apart.

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