Published On: Mon, Jul 25th, 2016

Morning Joe mentioned in DNC emails

Morning Joe was mentioned specifically in DNC emails, which were released recently via Wikileaks.

  • Are you people serious?? Really, you are worrying about the e-mails? You are talking like Hillary Clinton won the primary. I am so sick of hearing the spin. I guess you talking heads were told not to talk about the ELECTION FRAUD. Perhaps you don’t know that there is a class action suit in the courts right now, but we know. See

    For Karen Finley to come out and say that Hillary Clinton won fair and square….please, that is the kind of rhetoric that makes the Bernie supporters know that they can not vote for Hillary Clinton!!

    You can move along like there wasn’t a problem and think that people are going to fall in line. Bernie is a great man with integrity. Hillary Clinton is a mess. To even compare him to Hillary Clinton or say that they are the same…. it is treating the American people like they are all idiots, some may be, some may even be buying the rhetoric that you are selling, but there is a big portion of us who know better.

    By the way, Karen Finley, it is good for you to put spin on a warmonger, Wall Street enthusiast like Hillary Clinton who stole the primary is laughable. People with intelligence are not buying what you are selling. Hillary Clinton will not recover as she is dropping in the polls as I write this.

    Senator Sanders people are willing to vote their conscience, we have said over and over that Bernie Sanders is the only one who polls will beat Trump, when Trump becomes President…you only have your need to be corporate puppets and you puppet master to blame. #DEMEXIT #JillB4HILL