More Sanders Voters Say They Will Choose ‘Other,’ Or Not Vote, Than Back Clinton

By Paul Bedard (@SecretsBedard) 7/16/16 3:54 PM

Supporters of rebel Democrat Sen. Bernie Sanders are not following his lead in backing Hillary Rodham Clinton, detouring away from the establishment Democrat to other candidates including Donald Trump.


A new Economist/YouGov poll showed that the email scandal, and FBI Director James Comey’s charge that Clinton’s behavior was “extremely careless,” has led Sanders backers to abandon the former secretary of State.

Since Comey’s House testimony, support for Clinton has dropped 12 points, to 41 percent. For the first time, Sanders supporters now prefer either someone else or they won’t vote.

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It is the latest evidence that Clinton suffers from a trust and honesty deficit.

And some 14 percent support Trump, a number that has increased in the last month as the Sanders campaign died.

From the poll analysis:


First of all, Clinton has yet to convince those who favored Vermont Senator for the Democratic nomination that they should, as Sanders said this week, vote for Clinton in November. This group seems to have been especially affected by the tongue-lashing Clinton received from FBI Director James Comey about using a private email server while she was Secretary of State. Last week, before Comey’s statement that the FBI would not pursue criminal charges although Clinton’s behavior was “extremely careless,” a majority of Democratic primary voters who favored Sanders said they would vote for Clinton. Though that figure was low (only 53%), it was even lower in the poll conducted after Comey’s statement. This week, only 41% of Sanders voters said they would vote for Clinton, a drop of 12 points.

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  • Julia Sharp

    #StillSanders NEVER in a million years will I vote for that monstrous woman. I have left the Dem party after 30+ years. I will not be associated with a party that cheated us out of an election and stole our votes. Everyone knows #BernieWon .

    • Jas

      Julia-agree with you 100%. It’s pathetic that there are people in this country (i.e. hillary supporters) who have chosen not to look at facts and many have chosen to vote based on gender. #BernieorBust

  • That was a “tongue lashing” from Comey? I saw a mild rebuke instead of the charges she should actually be facing right now’


  • Kim

    Too bad all the Bernie supporters weren’t able to participate in the poll because I think it would be closer to 80+% instead of 59%. I am for Bernie. If not Bernie, then Jill will get my vote. Can’t even vote for lesser of two evils in this election because they are both evil. Go Bernie or Jill!!! Never criminal Hillary and never Drumpf!

  • I will never vote for crooked Hillary. She is the embodiment of everything I’m fighting against: corruption in government(Clinton Foundation and various scandals), lack of transparency,, warmonger, dishonest and untrustworthy. We clearly have a superior candidate, Bernie Sanders, that can win against Trump in the general election. Plus, let’s not forget about the rigged election by HC and the DNC. Disgusting!

  • Judy Meinhold

    It wasn’t the “tongue lashing” It’s that he admitted she was guilty but she’s powerful and connected enough to rig an FBI investigation and an election to be installed in the White House to start more wars and pass trade deals. That’s some scary shit and she’s a scary monster.

  • Judith Lucas

    I will never vote for HRC. I changed my affiliation from Independent to Democrat to vote for Bernie in our primary and I will change back in a heart beat if he is not the nominee for the Democratic presidential election. HRC is a criminal and thinks she is above the law at this point.If she can offer DWS a position after she left DNC under suspicion of deceit it appears HRC knew all along what was going on…She continues with her underhanded actvities as if she is lily white and without a care about what we the voters think. She has bought this election and our vote means nothing to her..We mean nothing to her. My vote for Bernie is a vote for my g-kids and my gg-kids because he cares for us all and our future generations and the planet we live on….He is my president and I will not vote for anyone else…!!

  • The DNC really screwed up this year. It will take them years to regain the voters they have alienated this year. Bernie is the only option as the nominee if they want to win the election, and maintain the democrat party. Otherwise, the DNC will become as irrelevant as the GOP. Why isn’t this woman in jail? I don’t get it. #BernieorBust #NeverHillary #Hillarysuperpredator

  • I have been a registered Democrat for years. The amount of irrefutable cheating, lying, and dirty tricks by the HRC campaign has completely turned me. I have registered as an Independent, and I will Not vote for Trump OR Clinton. Shameful, the way Clinton has conducted herself.

  • Bernie supporters “have yet” to unite behind Clinton? You can wait to the end of the century; we will NEVER unite behind that criminal election thief. #NeverHillary #JillNotHill #DemExit