Marijuana Is Legal In California, Now Keep It Out Of Kids’ Hands

Happy New Year and pass the pot. But now that weed is legal for adults in California, we need somehow to keep more teens from toking.

Regular use can stunt their mental growth.

There’s plenty of research that shows youthful brain impairment caused by continual marijuana intake.

Proof of cannabis damage to brain cells can be found in social media comments by potheads whenever anyone raises a red flag about dope’s dangers. “Reefer Madness rubbish” is a common retort, as if that constitutes a dissertation.

There is a new study out by some PhDs that points to less fear and more use of marijuana by teens in Washington state after the drug was legalized there for adults.

And “across the country, there has been a decreased perception of risk associated with marijuana among adolescents,” says study leader Magdalena Cerda, an epidemiologist — an expert in the spread of disease — at the UC Davis Violence Prevention Research Program.

After all, adults keep legalizing marijuana in state after state. So what’s good for the parents must be OK for the kids, right? No, but not everyone is getting the message.

Washington state legalized adult marijuana use in 2012. Cerda’s researchers found that more Washington teens started getting stoned that year. They no longer believed the drug was dangerous.

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