Lawsuit By Noted Election Attorney Cliff Arnebeck Filed, Argues Sanders Beat Clinton in Primaries,,, UPDATE 9-27

Cliff Arnebeck
Cliff Arnebeck

Election Integrity activist and attorney Cliff Arnebeck has announced the initial filing of an Ohio lawsuit which alleges that Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders actually earned more pledged delegates in the primaries, but for systematic and coordinated election fraud. In the website associated with Arnebeck, The Institute for American Democracy and Election Integrity, the Institute states:

“I am thrilled to announce that Bob Fitrakis the lawyer and board member and writer of the Columbus Institute of Contemporary Journalism, has filed the first Ohio Election Integrity Lawsuit against Edison Media Research to release the raw data which shows such dramatic differences on exit polls and electronic vote totals in eleven states in the presidential primaries throughout the US…”

The news announcement says:

“Our examining the ballots will show us who really won the Democratic presidential primary. Although Bernie may have already conceded by that time or before then, at least he will know what the truth was about how many votes he really garnered. He can do with that what he wants.”

In 2004 Arnebeck filed a lawsuit against Ohio Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell and Bush administration operative Karl Rove over election fraud in the 2004 Ohio presidential primary. A string of lawsuits continued until a key witness, Republican IT guru Mike Connell, was killed in a small plane crash weeks after he was deposed in the case.

The current lawsuit requests that media organizations release the raw data for 2016 exit polls, stored at the University of Connecticut, for the first time.

The Institute statement reads:

“The exit polls have been adjusted to fit electronic vote totals since 2004 when they appeared to show Kerry winning against Bush. Explanations were developed at that time to explain the differences between the exit polls and the vote totals which was that exit polls are generally unreliable. This assessment of exit poll reliability was developed by Karl Rove who was an assistant to George Bush.”

Exit polls and electronic vote totals differed greatly in eleven states. After citizens on the Internet began to notice the wide discrepancies, the exit poll sponsors, The Media Consortium and Edison Media Research, canceled exit polls for all remaining states in the primary season.

The Institute and Arnebeck are asking the public’s help in spreading word of the lawsuit. The full release can read at The Institute for American Democracy and Election Integrity website here.

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I am writing to inform you of an amazing Filed Memo Opposing Edison Research Motion to Dismiss.PDF available to you to possibly effect a major change in our system of reporting vote counts in the United States. For years, as we have reported to you. Edison Media Research has refused to release the raw data they gather during their exit polls. Raw data from exit polls is adjusted to fit the vote totals that come in from our vote tabulators across the country. The Media Consortium which hires Edison Media Research (EMR) uses the vote totals coming in from the tabulators as the real vote count. Normally, in other countries, exit poll data is supposed to show you what the real vote totals are. If the exit polls differ significantly from the computerized vote totals, the winning politician may be winning from electronic vote manipulation as opposed to the vote of the people.

As you may know, there was a highly significant, unexplainable difference reported in the exit polls in the Democratic primary for twelve states this year between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Although Bernie appeared to be winning more votes than Hillary, based on the voters leaving the polls, at the end of the day there was a huge discrepancy in 12 states between the exit poll data and the official vote awarded Clinton. When attorney Cliff Arnebeck, an associate of attorney Robert Fitrakis requested that EMR release its raw data on the Democratic primary, EMR not only refused to release the raw data but canceled all further exit polls for the remaining primary elections. An emergency exit poll that sponsored in three counties in California, Alameda county, Santa Clara county and Contra Costa County revealed that Bernie Sanders won over Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary by 7.9% rather than 3.1% as shown in the California Secretary of State’s website. It appears that the votes in these counties were electronically manipulated.

Robert Fitrakis together with the support of many small donors associated with was able to file a lawsuit against EMR. Please click on the PDF below to read a copy of our original lawsuit. Baker & Hostetler,LLP, the law firm connected with Edison Media Research reports a company income of $650 million dollars a year. They have responded to our lawsuit with a motion to dismiss it. The donation totals of are only a tiny fraction of this amount. Battling Baker and Hostetler and Edison Media Research will be truly a David v.Goliath battle! If we win in this lawsuit, Bob Fitrakis has been willing to fight Baker and Hostetler’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit for very little. Nonetheless, Bob estimates that still we will need at least $20,000 more to pursue this lawsuit against Edison Media Research all the way to the end. If we prevail in this lawsuit, we will be able to see the raw data collected by EMR during the last primary. Bernie Sanders will be able to see the more accurate percentages of votes that he really received before the exit polls were edited. And both the USA and the rest of the world,will become aware of the editing of American votes that happens routinely in the higher office elections in the US on a regular basis.

$4500 was already raised by donors to start this lawsuit and maintain it up to this point. THANK YOU, THANK YOU for all of your donations thus far!! Can we count on you to contribute more to help us win this lawsuit? Many donors have donated small amounts towards these very important issues. Whatever you can give, large or small will be DEEPLY appreciated! With many people donating $10 and $20 dollars, the total contribution amount begins to mount up. And, just yesterday, a donor has agreed to match any of your donations dollar for dollar!

So the battle has really begun! Come help us transform elections in our country, have a voting system we can count on and create a true democracy here in our country!

Very Sincerely, Lori Grace



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