Published On: Fri, Oct 21st, 2016

Latest Bomb Plot Highlights America’s Problem with Radical Christian Terrorists

Latest Bomb Plot Highlights America’s Problem with Radical Christian Terrorists

Susanne Posel ,Chief Editor Occupy Corporatism | Media Spokesperson, HealthMax Group

The Kansas anti-Muslim right-wing militia group called “The Crusaders” is another example of the widespread problem in the US with radical Christian terrorists.

According to court documents, The Crusaders were caught plotting to “detonate truck bombs at an apartment complex where 120 Somali immigrants live” in Garden City, Kansas. Another scheme cooked up by the fringe group involved blowing up a Mosque and even an attack after Election Day.

Members Patrick Stein, Gavin Wright and Curtis Allen have been arrested and charged with conspiring to use a weapon of mass destruction.

In its possession, the radical Christian terrorist group had on hand “an arsenal of firearms, ammunition, bomb-making materials” stashed away.

The Crusaders are just another group in a lengthening list of fringe “second amendment people” who hold to their deeply held Christian beliefs so much so that they have become a “substantial danger” to the public.

And to back up that assessment, the New America Foundation (NAF) published a report last year showing just how deadly and dangerous radical Christian terrorists can be.

The data showed that Americans killed domestically in Islamic related “jihadist attacks” totaled 26; however the number of US citizens murdered in “right-wing attacks” nearly doubled.

The study explained that law enforcement agencies reported concerns about right-wing groups 74% of the time; as compared to reporting Islamic extremists only 39% of the time.

Earlier this year an armed militia group led by Ammon Bundy, the son of another radical Christian terrorist who championed a charge against the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in Nevada, to takeover public land at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in Oregon.

Ammon told the local press that his heavily armed gang of “patriots” plan “on staying here for years”. They have not made this decision “at the last minute” but are fully prepared to never surrender.

And even though those radical Christian terrorists were apprehended and are currently litigating their case in court, these militia “patriot” types have posed a serious and deadly problem for quite some time now.

Former Vice President Dick Cheney captured the problem perfectly when he said that the Tea Party is “an uprising, and it’s taken place within the Republican Party.”

And while this group has been savvy at utilizing the foundations of our democracy against us, with temper tantrums that shut down the US government and an insistence on promoting Christian values in law-making, some see this as a threat to the core principles of our nation.

Florida State House Representative Alan Grayson released fund-raising emails to potential donors that claimed the Tea Party is comparable to the Ku Klux Klan (KKK).

He said: “One could go on and on, because there is overwhelming evidence that the Tea Party is the home of bigotry and discrimination in America today, just as the KKK was for an earlier generation. If the shoe fits, wear it.”

The Tea Party, like any other radical Christian terrorist group, has called for the destruction of our governmental systems. One of their congressional members, Senator Mike Lee started calling for the dismantling of the federal Departments of Education (DoE), and Housing and Urban Development (HUD) six years ago.

Lee insists that “the Constitution doesn’t give Congress the power to redistribute our wealth” and vowed to phase out Social Security; and he’s also suggested that the 16th Amendment (which was never fully ratified) to repeal the stranglehold of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) over the American people by relieving income taxes; and condemned the 17th Amendment as a “mistake”.

Although they are now entrenched in our political system, the Tea Party is understood to be a hate group . In response Judson Philips, head of the TPN, said : “Unfortunately the sad truth is we will be hit again. It will happen sooner or later. It will probably be sooner than later. . . . We have a government that is not committed to protecting America.”

Philips likens his radical Christian terrorist group to former President Ronald Reagan who “knew that America had to stand up to the Communist threat” and now that there is an African-American president, the Tea Party is going to “identify our enemy and then craft a strategy to totally defeat that enemy”.

Beyond political control, radical Christian terrorist cells have been cropping up exponentially since President Obama first took office eight years ago. In that time, right-wing extremism has been on the rise as well.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC): “Increasingly frightening numbers, cells of angry men in the United States preparing for combat with the U.S. government. They are usually heavily armed, blinded by an intractable hatred, often motivated by religious zeal.”

These mostly “white, right-wing Americans, nearly all with an obsessive attachment to guns, who may represent a greater danger to the lives of American civilians than international terrorists.”

Susanne Posel

Susanne Posel

Chief Editor | Investigative Journalist