Published On: Sat, Oct 1st, 2016

Kentucky Daycare Terrorizes Kids with ‘Smack for a Snack’ Game

Kentucky Daycare Terrorizes Kids with ‘Smack for a Snack’ Game

Susanne Posel ,Chief Editor Occupy Corporatism | Media Spokesperson, HEALTH MAX Group

Officials with the Kentucky state Office of Inspector General (KOIG) has determined that employees at a day-care were forcing children to succumb to being hit before they could have a snack.

Two male employees from the New Creation Child Care facility in Lexington, Kentucky have been charged for playing a game called “smack for a snack”.

The KOIG report details how caregivers said “if you want a yogurt, you have to stand up to get hit on the hand or the leg”, according to testimony by a ten year old girl who attends the day-care.

This child was hit once on the hand and leg while her fellow classmates “lined up to get hit.” The child told investigators that “some kids were crying about it.”

Other children confirmed that “everybody at the day-care got hit” and showed bruises on the backs of their legs to prove it.

The report reads in part: “One (1) of the male staff confirmed he hit the children with a ruler and implied that it was just a game. The Detective asked him how many kids were hit and he replied, ‘Definitely twenty plus kids. But, not everybody got hit.’ The other male staff person involved told the Detective that his strikes were only on the palms of the children’s hands while the other male staff struck the children on their calves. He told the Detective that the other male staff came up with game “smack for a snack.”

One nine year old told investigators: “I didn’t even want a snack, but he hit me anyway.”

The KOIG placed NCCC “under intermediate sanctions which called for increased monitoring of the daycare” and installed a representative from the Division of Regulated Child Care (RCC) to monitor the day-care until they “comply with the sanctions agreement”.

Susanne Posel

Susanne Posel

Chief Editor | Investigative Journalist