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Published On: Sun, Jun 5th, 2016

JA Jebel Ali Golf Resort puts the spotlight on sustainability

JA Jebel Ali Hotels & Resorts environmental initiatives
JA Jebel Ali Hotels & Resorts environmental initiatives

JA Resorts & Hotels recently put the spotlight on its continued environment efforts.

This is evident from the resort being re-accredited with certification from the Blue Flag Programme and a Green Globe certification for sustainable tourism.

The UAE-based hospitality group incorporates sustainable practices by reducing waste, avoiding the use of endangered species and using humanely-treated ingredients. It purchases eco-friendly, sustainable alternative products and services from selected vendors only. In addition, JA Resorts & Hotels chooses to purchase Foie Gras, Tuna and Caviar from suppliers with World Wildlife Fund Humanitarian Certification.

The JA Jebel Ali Golf Resort team has also recently worked on expansion of the resort’s Bio Garden, which helps to ensure promotion of fresh ingredients within JA Jebel Ali Golf Resort’s own restaurant offerings. The

The JA Jebel Ali Golf Resort team has developed regular training sessions for its associates on environmental hot topics to ensure that there is an understanding and drive towards progressive activations such as recycling and can collection. Furthering awareness among its associates and guests, the resort displays information on-site and online about the sea life and bird species present on the property.

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