Bernie or bust pledge is Sanders’ last, remaining hope

pledgeHillary Clinton is not going to be indicted for her multiple violations of federal statutes and careless handling of classified information. That means, it’s up to the superdelegates, and the only way they will change from voting for Clinton at the Convention this month to voting for Senator Sanders is if they become convinced nominating Hillary will cause the Party to lose in November. It is up to Sanders’ supporters to do that convincing.

Bernie or bust is a pledge to either write in Sanders on the ballot in November or vote for the Green Party candidate. However, no one will accompany you into the voting booth; so at the end of the day, you can take the pledge to scare the superdelegates and vote however you feel you need to. We recommend the Green Party because Secretary Clinton is more dangerous and Nixonian than Donald Trump. Join with the 123,000+ of Sanders’ supporters and take the pledge now.


Revolt Against Plutocracy* believes Clinton’s so-called “free-trade” agenda will do much more damage to American democracy than Trump’s Supreme Court nominations will. The TPP, for example, has no exit clause; it will be permanent whereas Trump’s Court nominees that get through the (hopefully Democratic Party controlled) Senate will eventually die and be replaced. We also believe that Secretary Clinton’s neo-conservative foreign policy is a much greater danger to national security than Trump’s nationalism. In other words, rejecting Clinton by voting for a third party candidate in November is a no-lose proposition.

One million of Sanders’ supporters taking the Bernie or bust pledge will serve two purposes: 1) it will send a message to the superdelegates to either nominate Bernie or lose in November and 2) it will send a message to Senator Sanders. He will know he has such strong support from people he may strongly consider running as a 3rd party candidate himself in order to defeat Trump. Admittedly, this will become possible only if the Stop Trump effort of Republicans ends up putting an establishment, “Republican” candidate up against him.

pledgeIf Clinton and Trump are your options, what do you have to lose? Please take the pledge, so we can apply the leverage of Bernie or bust at our press conference on July 25th and again at our rally on July 26th in Philly. Only you can send the message to the superdelegates and Sanders: we will not support Hillary Clinton for President in November. Anyone can take this pledge because privacy is guaranteed.

Bernie endorse Hillary? That does not mean the superdelegates have to vote for Clinton, especially when the progressive base can be shown rejecting her. Several possibilities are in play. 1) A combination of scandal, legal problems and health problems might cause HRC to either quit or be seen as “even more of a liability than we thought” for superdelegates. 2) The DNC might then try to have someone like Biden replace her in which case our pledge movement will convey to Sanders he has a lot of support to run as a Green Party candidate if enough of his supporters take it. 3) New fraud/corruption by DNC or the Clinton campaign in the electoral process is exposed leading to new poll(s) showing Trump ahead of HRC. In that case, even if 1) does not happen, getting a LARGE number of pledges to not vote for Hillary could very well convince Sanders to run as a Green despite having previously endorsed Hillary. One million pledges (along w/other factors) would make him feel not only morally justified but also having enough popular support to do so.

To make this work, you need to become the media. Our poll indicates 59% of Bernie’s supporters will not vote for Hillary in November (second paragraph, last sentence), and we cannot afford the tens of thousands of dollars it would cost to find them. If millions of his supporters are unwilling to support Hilary, they can’t be hard to find online. Use Twitter or Facebook messaging and even old fashioned email to find more people to take this pledge. It’s urgent, so please give this your highest priority in the next few days.  Please find as many of those people as you can; it is the only hope for a political revolution to capture the White House this year. Make use of the “Share” buttons below if you want.

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