Published On: Sun, Jul 24th, 2016

Hillary Clinton Refuses To Answer Direct Question About The DNC Email Leaks – VIDEO

WASHINGTON – Hillary Clinton and her running mate Tim Kaine react to the DNC email leak in previously unaired footage from 60 Minutes. Watch Hillary In the video below when she refuses to answer a direct question whether an effort by the DNC to favor one candidate over another would be improper. Hillary Clinton refuses to answer the question.

As a result of the email leaks Debbie Wasserman Schultz announced Sunday she is stepping down as the Democrat party leader. The Democratic convention starts tomorrow and we expect to see some fireworks on the convention floor.

You can read all of the leaked DNC emails here. What do you think?

  • She must have taken lessons from Comey and Lynch. Sounds just like their answers.

  • Let’s see you have Trump – On the Left who is part of the 1% establishment. Then you have Hillary – admits to being Center/Left who is also part of the 1% establishment. Both are running as/for entrenched Political Parties who are controlled by the wealthiest people in the world. And everyone thinks they are going to look after workers rights, the middle, and lower class citizens of America. This is why we need to force a vote for Bernie Sanders on Monday or if that doesn’t work everyone needs to help Jill Stein become President, (she would balance the nations needs and be the last one to take us to wars for multinational companies), elect a new congress all together and root out money in politics. If it is against the law to bribe an officer then it should be against the law to bribe any member of congress. Anyone voting out of fear from the other side should really start educating yourself with multiple sources of information rather then just regurgitating what is being spoon fed to you. Lastly the TPP is the key stone piece that will bring an end to our constitutional rights.

  • Of course she is going to lie whether by omission or commission. The DNC could not have chosen a worse candidate. There is not a way this party is going to unify behind this criminal no matter what Bernie or Liz may say. We aren’t stupid and we know now that the candidate who won our votes was not Clinton who merely stole them and crowned herself. The DNC now must decide whether to unify behind the actual popular winner to prevent Trump, or stick with the cheater and welcome Trump to the WhiteHouse as our party goes up in flames. If they were honest and wise they would nominate Sanders.

  • Clinton believes that she operates with impunity. She doesn’t. The boot is coming down soon on your head Hillary.


  • Hilary is a slippery criminal, she doesn’t get arrested for ANYTHING!!!! she is a low life and a scumbag with no morals, ethics or clue about how to run an honest campaign. D.W.S is clearly in bed with Hilary and so is other democratic idiots who are destroying the party like Elizabeth Warren, who I used to love until she endorsed Hilary, Howard Dean who used to be a stand up guy, and all the other crooked low life shit bags who hurt the party by trying to push Hilary down our throats. the comedian Al Franken also threw the people under the buss when he sup[ported Hilary and the millions of votes that were tossed in the trash that he also supported. guess what candidate those votes were going to ? Not Hilary… Bernie Sanders that’s who that’s why they got tossed in the trash… tens of millions of votes gone thanks to a crooked democratic party of shit bags